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Hold up,
you might be the one we're looking for!

REIGN Total Body Fuel is defining the performance energy drink category and UNFAZED will answer everything you're looking for in an activewear and equipment brand.

Turns out, we are both looking for new influencers to work with! Did we spike your interest already?

Become our new team member for '23!

You support us.
We support you.

You want to work with us? Show us some love and we will love you back! 

Make sure to follow our social media channels: 







Let's create together.

It's time to show us what you got! 

Create content on your socials as you would when sponsored by Reign and Unfazed. Keep you content unique, there's no one like you! 

Some examples:

- You post a workout video in your Unfazed outfit or using our equipment while drinking a can of Reign. 

- You make a picture or video in the supermarket, looking for Reign, wearing your Unfazed fit. 

- Post a fun picture with both brands in the shot!

You don't have items of Unfazed or Reign? The internet is amazing!


Examples of content you can make without having the items:

- Rate the outfits on our webshop / socials from 0-10 in a fun video

- Post a selfie with caption 'I like this picture, would've been better with a can of Reign in my hand and an Unfazed outfit on tho.'

- React on our reels with an overlay video


Posting stories is a big plus but we need feed posts to review everyone's entry! Make sure your account is visible.

Why do we have to work with YOU?

Show us you're worth it!

Why should we work with you? Tell us in the caption of your post! Bragging is allowed. So just go ahead and give it a shot!

We don't care about how many followers you have. We care about who you are, what you stand for and how you show this to the world. 

Make sure to tag both accounts (@reignbodyfueleurope and @unfazed_store in your caption but ALSO in the picture/video itself, so we can easily find your post.

You're the chosen one... how will we collab exactly?

As a Reign and Unfazed ambassador you will work with us for the whole year of 2023. Next to receiving your favorite drinks, you will get payed by Reign every 4 months. Unfazed will supply you with your favorite outfits of every collection and a big range of workout accessories. You will be invited to multiple photo and video shoots for both brands. We will post your content on our profiles and support your socials, so you can grow your account! 


You can apply until the last day of 2022!

Winner(s) will be chosen on 01-01-'23 and announced on the @unfazed_store Instagram page.

Anker 1
Make sure we don't miss your application
Where did you find out about this ambassador search?

Thanks for your application! We wish you the best of luck <3

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